Planning and Zoning

The Northeast Council of Governments assists municipalities and counties with zoning ordinance and comprehensive planning and municipal ordinances:  to include creating, revising and adoption of the documents.


  • Develop zoning ordinances and comprehensive plans for subdivision, concentrated animal feeding operations, wind energy systems, wireless telecommunications, mobile/manufactured home regulations, etc.
  • Assist in developing temporary zoning regulations
  • Research examples of ordinances
  • Provide technical assistance to planning commissions
  • Provide assistance in determining future growth
  • Preparing maps to be used in assisting with planning decisions
  • Assist in the development of capital improvement plans


  • Develop or revise municipal ordinances
  • Municipal ordinances will generally encompass the following categories of municipal government: form of government and administration; municipal boundaries and voting districts; health and sanitation; licensing; offenses; streets, sidewalks and other public places; traffic regulations; water and sewer; planning and zoning; and other general provisions necessary for carrying out all local laws and regulations
  • Research examples of ordinances