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Started in 1988, the Census Information Center (CIC) Program is a cooperative venture between the U.S. Census Bureau and national level, community-based organizations and colleges and universities to serve as auxiliary data distribution centers reaching underserved populations. The Northeast Council of Governments was designated as a Census Information Center (CIC) by the Census Bureau in August 2000. Fifty-eight organizations across the United States participate in the CIC program, NECOG is the only CIC in the State of South Dakota.

The mission of the CIC program is to provide efficient access to Census Bureau data products through a wide data dissemination network of organizations. Those organizations effectively process and disseminate Census Bureau data to underserved population groups in easily understandable formats.

The Census Information Centers (CICs) have become an integral part of the U.S. Census Bureau’s data dissemination network. The primary focus, has and will continue to be, making census information and data available to under served communities that may not have access to census data through other means of the data dissemination network.

NECOG has access to Census training and numerous items of census materials located in our office that include: publications, briefs, DVD’s and CD’s. For additional information on CICs please visit the CIC webpage.

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